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Pablo's Giants DVD
       Includes: "All of Barry's Homers" (video clips of all 73 homers Barry Bonds hit in 2001--30-minute version), "Physics of Baseball" (from the Giants FSN Pre-Game Show in June, 2003), "Bonds #660" (Barry Bonds complete at bat hitting homer #660), "The Babe" (rare video clips of Babe Ruth swinging the bat), "Who's On First?" by Abbott and Costello (1953), "Hello Giants" sung during the 7th inning stretch by octogenarian Carol Channing (Opening Day, April 15, 2004), as well as several clips of Paul Robinson and his family on his boat or in the stands while on TV. Also includes "Paul Robinson on a Bed of Nails". Also included are Paul's escopades as ball dude at the AT&T Park. Among other distinctions, Paul managed to make the "Not Top 10" on ESPN and was dubbed "Ball Dude of the Year" by Giants announcer Mike Krukow.




Pablo's Physics Clips DVD

       A collection of 30 of Paul Robinson's favorite video clips. Includes: "Paul Robinson on a Bed of Nails", "All of Barry's Homers" (30-second version), "Who's On First?" by Abbott and Costello (1953), "Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic" (from the David Letterman Show, 2006), "Launch" from the movie Apollo 13, "Docking" from 2001-A Space Odyssey, "Bungee Jump" from Goldeneye, "James Bond on the 3rd Street Bridge" (from A View to a Kill, 1985), "Luke Skywalker Navigating Through an Asteroid Field" from Star Wars, "Million to One" Professor Hubert's Flea Circus, "1970's Memorex Commercial" demonstrating resonance, "Hot Ball" demonstrating the Leidenfrost Effect, "Honda Commercial" Rube Goldberg demo, "Fosbury Flop" from 1968 Olympics (CG goes below the bar), "Visual Sonic Boom" (jet flying off an aircraft carrier), "A Pair of Audio Sonic Booms" (from A Dream is Alive), "Like a Bird on Wire" (maintenance people climbing on high-voltage wires), "Addition of Velocities" (pitching machine throwing a baseball backwards on a truck moving 100 km/h), as well as Paul Robinson demonstrating his Bull's Eye Ramp, Bowling Ball Pendulum, Scaling Explosion, 12-inch Smoke Rings, Karate Chop (breaking boards), Inertia of Eggs, Why The Sky is Blue, Pen and Hoop in Bottle, Balanced Torque with the 3rd Street Bridge (from a field trip), and the infamous Flying Pig.




The Physics of Baseball DVD
       Includes: "Out of the Park-The Physics of Baseball"- from KQED's Quest Show (June, 2007), "Science of Home Runs" from Jim Lehrer's Newshour (July, 2007), "All of Barry's Homers" (video clips of all 73 homers Barry Bonds hit in 2001--30 minute version), "Physics of Baseball" (an excerpt from the Giants Pre-Game Show in June, 2003), "The Babe" (rare video clips of Babe Ruth swinging the bat), "Addition of Velocities" (hilarious Japanese video of a pitching machine throwing a baseball backwards on a truck going 100 km/h), "Who's On First?" by Abbott and Costello (1953). Also included are Paul's escopades as ball dude at the AT&T Park. Among other distinctions, Paul managed to make the "Not Top 10" on ESPN and was dubbed "Ball Dude of the Year" by Giants announcer Mike Krukow.




       This is a wonderful collection of NASA videos no longer in print from the 1970's that were produced in conjunction with AAPT. Includes: The classic "Zero-g" narrated by astronaut Owen Garriott (I heard Owen give the world-premeire of this film back in January, 1975, at my first AAPT Conference), "Conservation Laws in Zero-g" (another classic), "Fluids in Weightlessness", "Gyroscopes in Space", "Magnetism in Space", " Magnetic Effects in Space", plus two bonus features "Crashes and Blowups" of rockets from our early space program and the "Phantom F4 Impact Crash"--designed to see how well nuclear reactors could withstand the impact of an aircraft.




Skylab DVD
       An excellent collection of vintage Skylab videos no longer in print from the 1970's, including "Launch of Skylab" (two versions), "Skylab: The First 40 Days", "Skylab: Wings of Discovery", "Skylab: Space Station One", "Four Rooms-Earth View", and "Long Duration Space Flight."




Road Runner Physics DVD
       Dan Burns, of Los Gatos High School, has assembled a delightful collection of 12 clips of Road Runner (Accelleratii Incredibus) and his perpetually hungry nemesis, Coyote (Carnivorous Vulgaris) that demonstrate some whacky "cartoon physics." These clips from the Warner Brothers Road Runner cartoons are intended for use by physics teachers. Each clip is accompanied by notes and suggested questions to stimulate classroom discussion. There is also a PowerPoint that can be used to introduce the clips (not included on the DVD). The PowerPoint can be downloaded from Dan's website. It's the last item at the bottom of the page.




Kelp Forest Physics DVD
       Kelp Phorest Physics (KPP) is an interactive program presented at the Monterey Bay Aquarium by members of the aquarium's Education Department. In this DVD you will see Michael Guardino of Carmel High School and other SCUBA divers conduct a series of physics demonstrations and experiments on buoyancy, light, sound, refraction, color, pressure/volume relationships, temperature, thermohaline currents, Newton's law of cooling, and marine biology in the tanks for the Monterey Bay Aquarium! The purpose of KPP is to illustrate how everyday experiences are different in seawater than air and to inspire others to investigate physics from an entirely different frame of reference. For example, you'll see what happens to a volume of air in a graduated cylinder as Mike rises to the surface--very cool! The show has been presented to high school students and for teachers attending the MBA's summer institute and has been well received by all.




Science Movie Clips DVD
     A collection of 36 short clips from popular films demonstrating both good and bad physics conveniently organized on a single DVD. Includes scenes from 2001-A Space Odyssey, Goldeneye, Speed, Willy Wonka, The Omen, Moonraker, Superman, The Matrix Reloaded, Mission Impossible, Independence Day, Mission to Mars, Spies Like Us, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Men in Black, Return of the King, Deep Impact, The Sandlot, Contact, The Truman Show, Space Cowboys, Predator, Fat Man and Little Boy, Dr. Strangelove, Alien 3, A Christmas Story, The Core, Outland, Attack of the Clones, Lord of the Flies, Jurassic Park, Christmas Vacation.




Science on the Simpsons DVD
     This delightful and extensive collection features 54 clips from The Simpson's by Dan Burns ( that demonstrate both good and bad physics only like Homer and Bart Simpson can. Most are less than a minute in length and all are them are humorous. Topics Acid Rain, Angular Momentum, Black Holes, Coriolis Effect, Curling, Evolution, Speed of Sound, Free-fall, Friction, Homer in Space, Journey to the Sun, Magnets, Metric System, Newton's First Law, Newton in the Future, Newton's Third Law, Periodic Table, Photon Pressure, Powers of 10, Skateboard Jump, Solar Eclipse, Static Generator, Subatomic Particle, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Yo-yo Physics, Zero-g, Centrifuge, Conservation of Mass, Comets, and many more.




Bubble Magic DVD
     Tom has been a world-class bubble blower and consummate entertainer for over 30 years. Although he resides in Santa Cruz, these days he spends a lot of time performing at Variete theaters in Germany and science centers in Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. At heart a vaudeville entertainer, he delights young and old who marvel at his bubble "magic". He has performed for NCN AAPT several times including 1984 in Fresno and most recently at NCN AAPT's 50th Anniversary Meeting at San Mateo High School in 1995. This DVD includes rare footage of the Tom Noddy "the Bubble Guy" performing "Bubble Magic" when he was a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and more recently on Late Night with David Letterman. See Tom create spectacular bubbles including his "cubic" bubble.




Einstein - The Theory of Relativity DVD
     This wonderful program from the History Channel was produced in 2008 gives insight into Einstein's motivations and insights in a non-technical format. It richly portrays Einstein the person Einstein who was the ladies man, the academic roustabout, and draft-dodger in his early days and the intellectual loner who rejected quantum mechanics in his later years. Although famous for the relativity and the equation E = mc2, it also discusses Einstein's "blunder" and how hard had to work to convince people to perform experiments to prove his general theory of relativity both in Europe and here in the US at Lick Observatory. One of the most accurate portrayals of both his scientific and personal life ever produced.




Frames of Reference DVD
     This black and white classic is the most famous physics film of all time. Produced by PSSC in 1960, I remember watching it as a 16-mm film in my high school physics class at Los Gatos High School in 1967 to this very day. Then it was only seven years old and my classmates and I considered it a modern film. Nobody was offended it was in black and white. The excellent cinematography by Abraham Morochnik and the humorous narration by University of Toronto professors Donald Ivey and Patterson Hume. Although today's students might be apt to tune out and be put off by a black and white production, if the teacher motivates the students to give it a chance students find it to be the remarkably ingenious film it is. It's fascinating to watch these fellas do experiments with an apparatus that would surely be done with a computer-generated graphics nowadays, this robbing us of seeing a rotating platform powered by technician pushing on it in a circle or the Foucault pendulum knocking down pegs and the end of the film. A must watch for you and your students.




Physics & History of Balls DVD
     This Modern Marvels program from the History Channel shows both the history and technology of how various balls are made. You may be surprised to find out about the origins of a soccer and rugby balls. See how the technology of bowling balls, tennis balls, and golf balls has evolved. It also reveals many interesting facts-like how the dimples on golf ball were discovered by accident. You'll be amazed how even bowling balls now are "high tech". It also shows how baseballs are made by hand and how carefully their production is carefully monitored to assure uniformity-despite the fact the are made largely by hand.