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Various Clips of Interest

Knowing About Velocity
Vectors Could Save
Your Life

Addition of
Velocity Vectors

Terminal Velocity
of a Penny
(YouTube, MythBusters)

Terminal Velocity
of a Skydiver

Hammer & Feather
Dropped on the Moon

NASA Drops a Bowling Ball
and a Feather in a Vacuum

Bullet - Fired vs Dropped

Physics Force:
Monkey and Hunter

Shopping Cart Inertia

Hang Time

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion:
Astronauts in Outer Space

Action--No Reaction:
What happens when
µ is zero!

For The Birds

Newton's Third Law
Blows Me Away!

Phantom Jet

Inertia of a Truckload

Aurora Borealis,
Magnetic Pole Reversals
& Genetic Mutation

Momentum and Energy
Collide Head-on

Part I and Part II

Crash Test
1959 Chevrolet Bel Air
vs 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

Ford Truck Centrifuge:
Net Force
Equals mv^2/r

Bungie Jump

Hydrojet Guy in McCovey Cove
HD Video (105 MB)
May take a while to load

Explanation of
Weightlessness in Orbit

Dave vs HAL from
2001: A Space Odyssey


"Stunning Views"
Powers of 10

CG and Points of Support

Fosbury Flop

The CG of the Swan
is Under Points of Support

Balanced Torques

Rotational Mechanics
Olympic Style

Shaken, not stirred Mr. Bond?
The Rotational Inertia
of a Soda Can

Leidenfrost Effect

Supersonic Jet
Sonic Boom

Tacoma Narrows
Bridge Collapse

Volgograd Bridge, Russia
Modern Day Tacoma Narrows

Wave Pendulum

Like a Bird on a Wire

Van de Graaff Fun
at PTSOS Spring 2009

How The First
Transistor Worked

Milk Drop
How The Moon Was Formed?

Moon Origin (YouTube)

Honda Ad "Cog"

Science on the Simpsons
by Dan Burns

Road Runner Physics
by Dan Burns

The Physics of Baseball
(also see Baseball page)

Physics Of Baseball
SF Giants Pre-game Show

Science of Home Runs
PBS Jim Lehrer's Newshour

Out of the Park
Physics of Baseball-KQED Quest

Who's On First?
Abbott & Costello's all time classic
(Just for fun!)

At School

Bed of Nails at San Mateo
High School, 1997

Tablecloth Classic
* Tablecloth Classic or Video Trickery?
* Busted!-Don't Believe Everything
you See on YouTube!

Pen & Hoop Demo

Egg Drop

Flying Pig

Peter Pan Atwood's Machine

Terminal Velocity of a Penny

Bulls Eye Crunch

Jimmy Kimmel Audition

Bernoulli's Principle?

"Laser Odyssey" Resurrected

Physics on TV

Tom Noddy "The Bubble Guy"
on Late Night
with David Letterman

Tom Noddy "The Bubble Guy"
on Tonight Show
with Johnny Carson

Physics Chanteuse Lynda Williams
and her imposter Elender Wall
on "To Tell The Truth"

Ellyn Daugherty "The Biotech Goddess"
(...who also happens to be my wife!)

"San Mateo School
Opens Biotech Wing"
Ellyn Daugherty on CBS News