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Buzz Aldrin--Nerves of Steel!

After his talk of futuristic space transportation systems, Buzz admires my orange tie.
When I pointed out that it was actually a SF Giants tie, being from Texas,
he smiled and said he preferred to refer to it as a "Martian" tie.
Later the next week, I sent it to him as a gift.


"Obviously landing on the moon had to be nerve-wracking. You were down to
60 seconds of fuel left . . . it must have been a great relief when you touched down."
His response? "Lunar gravity is only 1/6th of the earth's, so we landed quite gently."


"But what made you more anxious--landing on the moon or launching off of it?"
His answer? "We have every reason to believe the engine would light."


"C'mon Buzz, weren't you the least bit nervous?"
His answer? "It had been tested many times . . . not only that, it would have not been
in my best interest to let on to Neil (Armstrong) that I was nervous--that
might have distracted him from what he had to do!"
Man, these guys had steel nerves!

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