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Projects Under Construction

a) Using Radar to Track the Speed of Baseballs.
Sportvision, a video tracking technology company located in Mountain View, CA, donated radar and a custom-built and desgined computerized tracking system. This system is so powerful it not only tracks the speed of the ball but the speed of the pitcher's body parts and the swing of the bat.

b) Using High Speed Photography to Investigate Collisions.

c) "Pitching Physics with Baseball"
A book co-authored with David Kagan, professor of physics at California State University, Chico, in which activities requiring a minimum of mathematics explore the underlying principles of pitching, hitting, and running in baseball.

d) Resurrecting/refurbishing former laser light show equipment for "Laser Odyssey".
Students from my AP Physics class have succeeded in getting the system up and running again for the first time in over 20 years. We put on a mini-one song laser show demonstration during Open House March 19th and the following day for many students when it was a minimum day. Reaction was very positive! Our attempts to videotape the show, however, were not successful. If there is a camera expert out there who can give us suggestions how to videotape it, we'd be most grateful.

e) Assembling dramatic demonstrations for 8th grade presentations by members of Physics Club.

f) New technology in the classroom.
How's this for a homework assignment? Figure out ways to analyze motion using a camera that takes 1200 frames per second--that's what my AP Physics students have been asked to do. Thanks to a donation from the GATE parents, we now have a Casio EX-F1 camera that does just that (check out my 'milk drop video" under my
video link). You are welcome to email any suggestions you might have.

g) Currently organizing the logistics and financial backing for The Physics Circus from the University of Minnesota to visit the San Francisco Bay Area.